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  • Dr Jason Yip is the founder of ASTUTE CLINIC, and he specialises in skin treatments as well as like fillers, botoxs and other non-invasive aesthetic procedures. He uses UV Porcelain+ to complement his various procedures, particularly for skin brightening and whitening.

  • Hyperpigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone. These are common concerns across ethnicities and prevalent in most females. Sunblocks are important to prevent the onset of pigmented skin, but it is equally important to nourish the skin with suitable products that inhibits melanin production. For this, Science On Skin has concocted a simplified solution MULTIVITAMINS+ to provide vitamins A, C, E Continue Reading

  • Actress Xiao Yu consumes one capsule of UV Porcelain+ every morning before she steps out of her house. She loves the fact that the product is manufactured in US and approved by US FDA, giving her utmost confidence on quality. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, she firmly believes that this will be a good start to radiant and fairer skin!