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UV Porcelain+ wins Singapore Women’s Weekly Beauty Award 2022

Editor’s Pick for < Best Oral Supplement Brightening >, when your skincare needs an extra boost, and you want brighter, bouncier skin. #1 Each box has 30 capsules hygienically packed. Take one a day, 30 minutes before sun exposure. #2 Active ingredients are encapsulated to release over time so they are better absorbed by your […]

Renowned Aesthetic Physician Dr Jason Yip speaks about UV Porcelain+

At the 5th MSAM Conference attended by numerous dermatologists and aesthetic professionals, Dr Jason Yip speaks about UV Porcelain+, and how he incorporates this novel supplement into his melasma treatment. “… UV Porcelain+ has the triple benefits of UV blocking and reduced sun sensitivity, skin whitening and brightening, as well as collagen for increased skin […]

UV PORCELAIN+ has demonstrated the capability to reduce pigment formation (melanin inhibition)

A study by MDIS Singapore, conducted by Dr Poon Kar Lai & Dr Kelvin Wong. Imaging of study is performed at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A STAR (Agency for Science, Technology And Research): Capability of Science On Skin UV Porcelain+ to reduce pigment formation (melanin inhibition). “… Primary Objective of this study is to assess the […]