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UV Porcelain+ wins Singapore Women’s Weekly Beauty Award 2022

Editor’s Pick for < Best Oral Supplement Brightening >, when your skincare needs an extra boost, and you want brighter, bouncier skin. #1 Each box has 30 capsules hygienically packed. Take one a day, 30 minutes before sun exposure. #2 Active ingredients are encapsulated to release over time so they are better absorbed by your […]

Renowned Aesthetic Physician Dr Jason Yip speaks about UV Porcelain+

At the 5th MSAM Conference attended by numerous dermatologists and aesthetic professionals, Dr Jason Yip speaks about UV Porcelain+, and how he incorporates this novel supplement into his melasma treatment. “… UV Porcelain+ has the triple benefits of UV blocking and reduced sun sensitivity, skin whitening and brightening, as well as collagen for increased skin […]

UV PORCELAIN+ has demonstrated the capability to reduce pigment formation (melanin inhibition)

A study by MDIS Singapore, conducted by Dr Poon Kar Lai & Dr Kelvin Wong. Imaging of study is performed at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A STAR (Agency for Science, Technology And Research): Capability of Science On Skin UV Porcelain+ to reduce pigment formation (melanin inhibition). “… Primary Objective of this study is to assess the […]

Renowned celebrities adore UV Porcelain+

Achieve beauty from within. On top of topical skincare, renowned celebrities are now including UV Porcelain+ in their daily beauty regime. UV Porcelain provides triple benefits of fairer and brighter skin, UV protection against harmful rays, as well as collagen for increased skin elasticity and reduced fine lines. All in a single 750mg capsule per […]