(AI) PLACEN+ │ Get back baby smooth skin with this bio-engineered human-like placenta serum which is 100% ethical, efficacious and safe

The Ethical Placenta. Renewed skin powered by Artificial Intelligence. SCIENCE ON SKIN (SOS) is once again at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of (AI) PLACEN+, a highly concentrated serum containing human-like placenta, which we term bioengineered placental growth factors (PGF) and EGF, IGF-2, aFGF as well as TRX. All these potent ingredients are 100% nanosized for increased penetration and rapid skin absorption, to enhance overall effectiveness. Your anti aging regime is now revolutionised. A breakthrough in technology, (AI) PLACEN+ is engineered to reduce fine lines and wrinkles significantly, improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring, refine pores, and to give an overall smoother, radiant skin we all desire. If you are worried about the origin of this placenta, or mention of the word placenta gives you a pause, that is totally fair. Most placenta products are derived from deer, horse, pig or sheep, with a small percentage derived from humans. Extraction from human placenta has its fair share of ethical issues and has always been widely debated, while generic placenta extracts from other animal sources have limited efficacy and may cause allergies because animal and humans differ in the genetic structure of their skin. This inspired the development of (AI) PLACEN+, which comprises human-like placental growth factors which we call PGF. + Not from humans + Not from animals + Not from plants The proprietary PGF used in the product incorporates biotechnology to synthesize constituents with the same genetic structure as the growth factors contained in human placenta. One important characteristic of these constituents is that because they have the same genetic structure as the growth factors in human placenta, they are much more effective at penetrating and improving the skin. Furthermore, the absence of animal contents means it can be safely used even by vegans. (AI) PLACEN+ is also 100% free of parabens, fragrances, alcohols, silicones, surfactants, mineral oils and artificial colourings. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and nano technology, (AI) PLACEN+ contains all your skin needs in a single vial to: • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles • Stimulates collagen synthesis and firms skin • Improves skin texture • Reduces hyperpigmentation and scars • Reduces blemishes and refines pores • Promotes a smooth and radiant skin (AI) PLACEN+ comes in two pack sizes to fulfil different consumer needs. The introductory pack contains 02 x hygienically packed serum vials, good for up to 6 days use. The complete pack contains 07 x hygienically packed serum vials, good for up to 21 days use. This product is available through aesthetic and dermatology practices across 13 countries in Asia and The Middle East. Beautiful, fair and radiant complexion is within perfect reach with the help of cutting-edge skincare science embraced in SOS’s meticulously-developed high performance products. Designed to complement one another perfectly, the multiple-action products deliver numerous benefits and skin-enhancing treatment in a streamlined routine to achieve the most radiant skin one will ever have.

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