Placenta And Its Role In Skincare

Human placenta, deer placenta, sheep placenta or even pig placenta… Many of us are probably intrigued by placenta and its role in skincare, and how effective it really is. The inclusion of appropriate placenta into your skincare regime can reduce fine lines and wrinkles significantly, improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and even refine pores. However, most placenta products are derived from deer, horse, pig or sheep, with a small percentage derived from humans. Extraction from human placenta has its fair share of ethical issues and has always been widely debated, while generic placenta extracts from other animal sources have limited efficacy and may cause allergies because animal and humans differ in the genetic structure of their skin. This has inspired the development of (AI) PLACEN+, which comprises human-like placental growth factors which we call PGF. The proprietary PGF used in the product incorporates biotechnology to synthesize constituents with the same genetic structure as the growth factors contained in human placenta. One important characteristic of these constituents is that because they have the same genetic structure as the growth factors in human placenta, they are much more effective at penetrating and improving the skin. Furthermore, the absence of animal contents means it can be safely used even by vegans. (AI) PLACEN+ is also 100% free of parabens, fragrances, alcohols, silicones, surfactants, mineral oils and artificial colourings. In conclusion, you can actually get all the benefits you want from placenta, safely and ethically. Choose wisely.

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