Understanding A Little More About Acne+

When treating acne, apart from the main concern of bacterial activity control, a dermatologist’s other key concern would be scar control by reduction of inflammation and promotion of healing. It is much more difficult to treat scars than to treat pimples. The high concentration of Chrysanthemum and Aloe Vera extracts in the formulation is to help prevent the formation of scars and antibacterial in blemish-prone skin. Many acne and blemish products in the market contain harsh and quick acting drying agent to dry out pimples and acne spots, but do not contain any moisturising agent to prevent scars or promote healing. Spot treatments in the market mainly consist of benzyl peroxide, a conventional remedy for pimple that works by drying out the wound or pus on the infected area. But this conventional method has slowly been replaced by more superior treatments and formulations at the dermatologists as they recognize the burned-like scar caused by benzyl peroxide is ironically difficult to treat and lighten. Acne+ does not contain benzyl benzoate, but the purified form of Tea Tree Oil as one of the key active ingredient. When compared to 100% Tea Tree oil, it is not as oily or greasy. The proprietary formulation contains moisturising agent which aids in the process of healing while Tea Tree Oil extracts dries out the infected area. With added Chrysanthemum extract, the inflammation is reduced and the overall formulation further prevents scar formation Acne+ not only controls the activity of bacteria that causes acne, but also promotes healing of the pimple, scars prevention and scars lightening. The essence does not dry out your skin unlike most of the pimple treatments in the market.

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