(AI) PLACEN+ │ Get back baby smooth skin with this bio-engineered human-like placenta serum which is 100% ethical, efficacious and safe

The Ethical Placenta. Renewed skin powered by Artificial Intelligence. SCIENCE ON SKIN (SOS) is once again at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of (AI) PLACEN+, a highly concentrated serum containing human-like placenta, which we term bioengineered placental growth factors (PGF) and EGF, IGF-2, aFGF as well as TRX. All these potent ingredients are […]

UV Porcelain+ │ The new benchmark for oral skin supplements with its dual action formulation that protects your skin from darkening while simultaneously working to whiten your skin

Block off harmful UV rays and transform your complexion into a firm, fair, luminous and glowing one. SCIENCE ON SKIN (SOS) sets a new benchmark for oral skin supplements with the revolutionary UV PORCELAIN+. Manufactured in USA. Certified by US FDA. Your daily beauty regime is now simplified. A breakthrough in skincare technology, UV PORCELAIN+ […]