“100% bioengineered essence that is identical to the human placenta. Suitable even for vegans.”

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Regina Thoolasha / @thoolasha

In just two weeks of application, I can see that my skin has improved so much. it definitely made my skin texture even smoother and radiant, but did you know this serum can also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

Joalin / Banking

The absorption rate is incredible, seemingly in split seconds. I feel the improved skin texture in a week or so. Highly recommend this essence.

Mandy Tang / @mandy.tang_official

After a week of using (AI) Placen+, I have noticed visible reduction of fine wrinkle lines, hyperpigmentation and scars, promoting a smooth and radiant skin.

Krystal / @utasong

I observed a smoother texture to my skin and it kinda brightens up my complexion as well. My red spot has faded quite significantly too and in general, my skin feels fuller and plumper.



“A truly all-in-one beauty supplement trusted
by aesthetic physicians and dermatologists.”

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Katherine Aiko / @aikokat
It’s been 2 weeks now, I can say with complete confidence that my skin has shown so much improvement ever since I started using UV Porcelain+.
Christine / Financial Sector

My skin turns red easily when exposed to the sun. With UV Porcelain+, it doesn’t anymore, and my skin doesn’t get tanned even without my sunblock cream.

Jerlinda Tan / @adnilrej
Been about 2 weeks into UV Porcelain+ oral sunblock now! My skin did brighten up and elasticity has improved as well! Thank you Science On Skin for this amazing supplement.
Eileen / @eileen.ce
Been consuming UV Porcelain+ daily and down to the last few pills now, I definitely can feel skin’s elasticity improved and fine lines reduced. 



“The solution to both short term blemish reduction
and long term blemish control.”

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Nadia Li / Content Designer

It has been the year of pimples for me. I admit to being a bit of a habitual picker so as well as vowing to stop picking. I’ve also tried and fallen in love with Acne+ . In the morning & night, I’ve been using the product over my T zones, and I usually finish with an additional layer over the big ones. Thumbs up!

Chuei Mei / @mypreciouskids

This is a dual action essence containing Zinc PCA and botanical extracts for intensive acne control that penetrates deep into the pores, killing bacteria and stopping breakouts before they start. It is suitable for all types of skin especially for acne/ blemishes and inflamed pores. I love the dual chamber concept and lightness of the essence and its effectiveness when an acne breakout!

Amber Ng / @sot.lov

My skin is not always clean and clear, sometimes I do grow acnes and blackheads too! This is the woes of having an oily skin! I decided to try SOS Acne+. The right chamber essence is slightly viscous and the left chamber essence is less viscous. It takes a while for the essence to be absorbed into my skin, but it does not leave any sticky or oily after feel. After using it for a few days, it indeed relieves my skin irritation and inflammation, and reduce excess sebum and acne scars. I will definitely continue to use it becuase of their powerful active ingredients. 



“A proprietary cocktail of multiple peptides and vitamins
for your complete skin nourishment.”

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Ann / Retail
I’m in my mid 30s now. Inevitably, light spots have started to appear as I age. I was recommended the Multivitamins to my skincare regime. At that time my skin tone was really uneven. I hated applying make up, it just didn’t look good. 3 weeks on, my spots have lightened and my skin is definitely clearer.
Elvinia Tay / @elviniatay
After using Multivitamins+, my skin has a radiant glow and my sin tone is more evened out. I love that the clear gel serum is easily absorbed into my skin, leaving no sticky feeling or residue. And it is totally suitable for all skin types as well.



“A low foaming cleansing gel suitable for all skin types.”

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Brandon / F&B Supervisor
I’m usually lazy with skincare, and I don’t even use cleansers. My girlfriend passed me this product, and honestly I’m loving it. The scent is soothing and my skin feels really clean each time I wash.
Kevin Tan / Executive
Nice smell, I like the feel.
Jeslyne Soh / @jeslynesoh
Tried out the dual action cleanser and am in love with the smell and texture of this gel cleanser! It’s formulated with ingredients meant to refine and tighten your pores, while maintaining the moisture and pH balance of your skin! I really love this cleanser!