My skin turns red easily when exposed to the sun. With UV Porcelain+, it doesn't anymore, and my skin doesn't get tanned even without my sunblock cream.

Christine, Financial Sector

I bought my first box of UV Porcelain from my usual aesthetic clinic. My skin is firmer and fairer within 3 weeks of consumption.

Bingbing, Home Maker

I have been consuming another brand of skincare supplement for years, and was skeptical that UV Porcelain+ can be that much different. I must say I'm really impressed. My skin is fairer and brighter by the time I started on the second slab of capsules, so probably 12 days. Five star product, thumbs up!

Helen, Self employed

“I’m usually lazy with skincare, and I don’t even use cleansers. My girlfriend passed me the CLEANSE+, and honestly I’m loving it. The scent is soothing and my skin feels really clean each time I wash.”

Brandon, F&B Supervisor